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Goats Milk More Calcium Than Cow's Milk

Goats Milk More Calcium Than Cow's Milk

Goats Milk Contains More Calcium Than Cow's Milk

Goats produce more milk than cows do, and they also produce more colostrum (the first milk produced by mammals after giving birth). This means that goats' milk contains more calcium than cow's milk does. In fact, goat milk contains twice as much calcium as cow's milk.

Humans are the only creatures that consume milk until they are adults, and they are also the only one that drinks milk from other species, especially cow’s milk. Although cow’s milk has its best, many people are becoming aware that cow's milk may not be suitable for everyone and have begun to look for other options which are better suited for our body's demands. 

Goats milk is nutritionally closer to cow's milk than other alternatives, but it has several physical characteristics that distinguish it, which may affect digestibility and health. Many people who believe they have an allergy to cow's milk can safely drink goats milk.

Goat milk is thicker and creamier when compared to cow milk or plant milk. Goat milk has more nutrients that may offer more health benefits. For example:

  • It is easier to digest
  • It has less risk of milk allergies
  • It is better for heart health
  • It is a very good source of Calcium & Amino Acid Tryptophan
  • It is a good source of Protein, Phosphorous, Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), and Potassium
  • It contains the highest source of selenium of any milk (even more than human breast milk)

If you truly compare goats’ milk with cow’s milk, goats milk contains:

  • 13% more Calcium
  • 25% more Vitamin B6
  • 47% more Vitamin A
  • 134% more Potassium
  • 3 times more Niacin (Nicotinic Acid, a form of Vitamin B3)
  • 4 times more Copper

Below is the summary of goats milk vs cow’s milk

goat vs cow

Goats MilkCow's Milk

Hypoallergenic, people who can’t tolerate cows milk may be able to tolerate goats milk well

Many allergic cases reported with the use of cow's milk (lactose intolerance)

The closest to human milkFar from human milk
Lower lactose content (4.2%)Contains high lactose (5%)

Smaller fat globule size that enhances digestibility

Bigger fat molecule, difficult to be digested

Due to the benefits that goats milk has to offer, many people are changing their dairy, from cow's milk to goats milk.

Since goats milk have a lot of benefits compare to cows milk, we, decide to come out with a product call Chobe Master Instant Brown Rice Drink (Goat Milk Kurma) whereby it is made from Brown Bice, Goat Milk, Brown Sugar, Cereal, Dates, Raisin, Honey, Pomegranate Extract and Habbatus Sauda and it became a very healthy beverage.

But why all those ingredients?

brown rice

Brown rice is better than white rice because brown rice contains more than twice as much fiber as white rice because it retains all of the original parts (bran, germ & endosperm). White rice has been refined, meaning that the bran and germ have been removed, leaving only the endosperm. This will make the white rice softer and cook faster compare to brown rice.

  • Brown rice is able to provide the following health benefits:
  • Higher Nutrition Value Compare to White Rice
  • Regulate Blood Sugar Level
  • Improve Heart Health
  • Help to Reduce Obesity
  • Improve Maternal Health

brown sugar

Brown Sugar is a type of sugar(sucrose) that gains a brown color due to the presence of molasses. It has the ability to boost energy levels, prevent cold, treat uterine infections, improve digestion, reduce flatulence, and aid in weight loss. 

  • Other benefits may include:
  • May Help Relieve Menstrual Cramps
  • May Help Improve Skin Health
  • May Act As An Energy Booster
  • May Aid in Weight Loss
  • May Aid in Pregnancy
  • May Relieve Flatulence
  • May Act As a Remedy For Asthma


The dates that we used is called Kurma Ajwa. Kurma Ajwa is rich in nutrients and it is a great energy booster. Other than that, it is also able to:

  • Help in regulating blood pressure
  • Decreases the risk of Atherosclerosis
  • Aids in treating infertility
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Cure for indigestion
  • Prevents abdominal cancer
  • Help in preventing cancer
  • Improves mental health
  • Cures skin problems


Raisins are typically made by drying out grapes in the sun and then processing them in a plant. And while they certainly look very different from grape. Raisins actually have the same benefits of grapes.

Benefits of raisin:

  • They are full of antioxidants
  • It contain iron, which benefits cardiovascular health
  • It has small amounts of protein
  • It is a good source of fiber

habbatus sauda

Habbatus Sauda or commonly known as black cumin, is an amazing wonder plant that continues to cause ripples around the world. The fennel flower that produces black cumin seeds grows in some parts of Asia. It has incredible curative properties and is used as a natural remedy against an assortment of ailments. Among its amazing benefits is its anti-inflammatory nature.

Other benefits include:

  • Loaded with antioxidants
  • Improve cognitive function
  • Great immune booster


Pomegranate are round, red fruits. They feature a white inner flesh that’s densely packed with crunchy, juicy edible seeds called arils.

They may be best known for the vibrantly colored juice they’re often used in, but these unique fruits have a lot more to offer, such as:

  • They are packed with nutrients
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • May help keep inflammation at bay
  • May have anticancer properties
  • May offer heart health benefits
  • Support urinary health
  • May have antimicrobial properties
  • May improve exercise endurance
  • Good for your brain
  • Supports digestive health
Now you know our Chobe Master Instant Brown Rice Drink (Goat Milk Kurma) is made with all those amazing and super ingredients. With all those super ingredients, it is able to bring great benefits to your health and also your body.



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