Who Are We

Established in 2008, PREMIER CEREAL FOOD RESOURCES SDN BHD is the leading manufacturer of quality Instant Brown Rice Drink.

We consist of a wide range of instant brown rice drinks with Original, Oats, Cereals, and Chocolate flavours. Our primary purpose is to help consumers discover the many joys and benefits of healthy eating. We believe that the right product can help provide people of all ages and backgrounds with the nutritional benefits they need to achieve and maintain their optimum physical, mental, emotional health and well-being.

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Our Key Focus

We manufactured based on 3 simple standards: REAL food . REAL taste . REAL health

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Raw Food Ingredients

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No Added Preservatives

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No Trans Fat

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No Artificial Colors

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Simple Ingredients

Why Choose Us

We are proud to keep our high-quality products affordable by using premium ingredients with high nutritional value, and also undergoing strict Quality Control.

Excellence in Product Quality

Our factory is fully equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, testing equipment, and modern warehouses. Every step of production is operated by our well-trained, skilled staff and systematically monitored by professional and experienced food expert management teams. PREMIER CEREAL FOOD RESOURCES SDN BHD is dedicated to ensuring that quality and hygienic standards are followed throughout its entire manufacturing process, making it a reliable manufacturer who is able to produce products that are of the highest quality. Our proven high-quality products have empowered us as one of the leading exporters of brown rice cereal in Malaysia.

With the objective of entering new markets and breaking new ground in existing markets, PREMIER CEREAL FOOD RESOURCES SDN BHD recognizes the importance of having in place a standard for food safety according to hazard analysis and a critical control point system.


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