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Chobe Master® Instant Brown Rice Chocolate Drink (Chocolate)

RM 20.90
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Chobe Master® Instant Brown Rice Instant Drink (Chocolate) is a malted chocolate drink mixed with roasted brown rice. It is smooth, creamy, and preserves the true richness of chocolate blend with roasted brown rice. By using whole brown rice grains, the germ and bran of brown rice provide great sources of fiber and vitamin B.

[100% Non-GMO Cocoa]

✔️ Provide energy
✔️ Antioxidants
✔️ Protect heart
✔️ High in Vitamin B2, B3, B6 & C
✔️ Source of Calcium
✔️ High in Dietary Fiber (Polydextrose)
✔️ Source of Protein
✔️ Zero Cholesterol & Trans Fat

🔸 Natural nutrients retained
🔸 No preservatives
🔸 No artificial coloring
🔸 Convenient sachet packaging
🔸 Suitable for all ages (kids, adults, elderly, office workers)

Serving Preparation: 

Pour a sachet into a cup. 

Add about 180ml hot water (85˚C-90˚C). 

Stir well and serve. 

Shelf Life: 20 months 


Malted Cocoa Powder, Brown Rice, Brown Sugar, NDC



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