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[CLEARANCE SALES] Chobe Supergo (KURMA) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Product expiry date: Apr 2023

Products Description

CHOBE® SUPERGO a series of Instant Brown Rice Drink, it is rich in aroma, delicious and nutritional instant beverage. This specially formulated nutritional beverage is loaded with essential nutrients you need to power up your day. Your morning can be healthier with CHOBE® SUPERGO Instant Brown Rice Drink! A great taste and convenient product catered for all ages. It packed with healthiest whole grains and with a good source of protein, dietary fiber and vitamins.

✓ Packed essential nutrients
✓ Great Pairing for Healthy Breakfast Meal or Late-Night Snack
✓ Quick & Easy to Prepare
✓ Nutrient-Packed Grains (Brown Rice, Oats, Malt Barley Cereal)
✓ Dietary Fiber
✓ Protein
✓ Vitamins
✓ Promote Satiety
✓ No Preservatives & Artificial Coloring

Product Paramenters

CHOBE® SUPERGO Instant Brown Rice Drink - Goat Milk + Dates

Taste the goodness & deliciousness of real Dates (Kurma) with the exceptional combination of 100% Netherlands Goat’s Milk, Habbatus Sauda, Malt Barley Cereal and Natural Brown Rice

✓ No Goaty Odor

 ✓ Source of Protein

 ✓ Low fat & Saturated fat

 ✓ Zero trans fat

 ✓ No Preservatives & Coloring

 ✓ Enriched with 100% Netherlands Goat’s Milk, Kurma and Habbatus Sauda

Main Ingredients
Brown Rice, Netherlands Goat's Milk, Dates (Ajwa Kurma), Habbatus Sauda, Cereal, Cane Sugar

Nutritional Value
100% Netherlands Goat's Milk

Net Weight

Shelf Life
20 months



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