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How To Order?


Register as a Premier Cereal member for FREE.

  1. Click here to register.

    Register image 1.png

  2. Click "Create account".

    Register image 2.png

  3. Fill in your First Name, Last Name, Mobile Number and Password.

    Register image 3.png

  4. Once you clicked the 'Create' button, it will direct you to the verification page and an One-Time-Password (OTP) will be sent to your phone number via SMS.
    If you register using email address, it will send a verification email to your Inbox or sometimes in your SPAM folder and click the link to verify it.
    For Mobile: Insert the One-Time-Password (OTP) > click Verify to verify the phone number.
    * If you can't verify your account, please LIVECHAT us or sent an email to steven@biocare.com.my so that we can solve your problem.

    Register image 6.png

    Register image 5.jpg

  5. Once you verified your account, it will redirect you to your account.

  6. Click "Edit" to see your Account Details.

    Register image 7.png

  7. Check your details, fill in your phone no if possible and click "View Addresses".

    Register image 8.png

  8. Click "Add a New Address" to set up your address.

    Register image 10.png

  9. Fill in your address information for delivery purposes (Receiver), then click "Add Address".

    Register image 11.png

  10. After clicking "Add Address", please confirm your address again as this will be used to deliver to your doorstep.

How to make a purchase?

There is few places for you to click to view our products.

  • SHOP NOW - view all products
  • Chobe Master® - view only Chobe Master products
  • Chobe SuperGo - view only Chobe SuperGo products
  • Chobe Lassi - view only Chobe Lassi products

    Order image 1.png

  • Click on any brands to view the products
    Order image 2.png

  • Click "a: Add to Cart" to add on your buying list or "b: To view the product details".

    Order image 3.png

How to place an order?

  1. Click Add to Cart: To add on your buying list, then, click on the cart icon (top right menu) to view your purchased.

    Order image 4.png
    Order image 5.png

  2. Here is your Cart information.
    a) Check Out - confirm your details are correct before proceed for payment process.
    b) Update Cart - If you change the quantity at (b), you need to click "Update Cart".
    c) If you have discounts provided by admin.
    d) Add or minus the quantity by pressing the arrow key.
    e) Delete your cart if want to remove it.

    Order image 6.png
  3. After you click "Check Out", on Check out page, you need to fill in the details which is highlight in red.

    Shipping address - Fill in your address to received your item.
    Billing Address - If you want to bill to different address.
    Shipping Method - You do not need to do anything for this as this is done automatically.
    Remark - If you want to write message, you can write here but make sure it is relevant to your request.
    Payment Method - Click "Change" to choose your preferred payment method. For now, we only have Online Banking, E-Wallet and Bank Transfer.

    After done, just click "Place Order Now" to confirm your order. You will received an email notification of your order.

    Order Image 7.png

    Order image 8.png

Types of Payment

  1. For Online Banking and E-Wallet, you just need to follow the instruction provided in the system and make the payment. As for Bank Transfer, you need to follow the instructions below for guidance.

    **If you doubt on how to perform this action, you can always "Live Chat" with us and we will guide you.

    Order image 9.png

  2. After clicking "Place Order Now", you will received an email and it will look like this.

    Order image 10.jpg
  3. In the email, you will received your order information. Follow the steps below to provide us your order details and receipt to confirm that you already made the payment.

    Steps to follow:
    (1) Upload your receipt in the system.
    (2) Insert in your Order number. For eg. #1008
    (4) Click Submit.

    After you Submit, click Reply on your email, then copy the details (3) and paste in the email and fill in the details and also upload your receipt in the email as well to double confirm that you made the payment and sent to us. Done.

    Order image 11.png

How to use your credit?

  1. When you checkout, you can see your credit as seen below. Click "Apply" to use your credit to purchased your item.
    * Please note that Credit is only applies to product only.
    Order image 12.png

How to use voucher code?

  1. Under Your Cart, insert in your Voucher Code (if any) to get your discounts as seen below. Click "Apply".

    Order image 13.jpg