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How to order?
Step 1 - Register an account with us at the top right corner.
Step 2 - Verify your email address or phone no.
Step 3 - Select which product you want to buy.
Step 4 - Click "Add to cart" button in order to make payment.
Step 5 - Click "Check out" button after checked with your order.
Step 6 - Please fill in your personal information and select the shipping method.
Step 7 - Select your payment methods and click "Place Order Now" button to complete the order.

How to check whether is my order was confirmed?
You will received an order confirmation email from us with the email given from you. Please make sure you fill in the correct email.

Can i cancel an order that have been made?
If you already made the payment and decide to cancel later on, we will not accept it. 

How to remove orders in the Cart?
Click the "Trash" icon in the Cart section.

How to change my personal information?
Step 1 - Click the "Profile" icon where located at top right.
Step 2 - Click the "Edit" in the Account Details section.
Step 3 - Fill in the new personal information and click "Submit".
*TAKE NOTE: If you wish to change your primary address, kindly click on the "View Address"and change with the latest primary address information.

What are the payment methods available?
We offer various kind of Payment Methods as shown below:~
   - Online Banking
   - E-Wallet (ShopeePay, TnG, BoostPay, GrabPay)
   - Bank Transfer

TAKE NOTE: Your order will not be delivered until we received your payment in our system.

How long does the delivery takes?
Delivery will takes around 2-4 working days. However, it may be occasionally delayed due to heavy traffic flow, weather conditions, unforeseen incidences or force majeure event, and we are not be held liable for the failure delivery. If it is in our view that the delivery of your order is likely to be substantially delayed, we will contact you via email for the delayed issues.

Can we ask for refund if we found defect on the product?
Yes you can. Refer https://www.premiercereal.com/legal/refund-policy.

Can i add-on order after made payment?
No but you need to make another new order instead. Please check properly before you make payment.

I have more inquiry to ask!
You can always LiveChat us.